We're changing the game!

Over the past decade the IT growth in Romania has been making headliner news all over the world. Most Romanian owned IT business have based their operations on outsourcing. Now, after capturing all there is, it's time to step in the big leagues and begin releasing products. Let the revolution begin!

product design and development

We've got some ideas but so do you. What now? Time to look for partners and start developing those great ideas. Let's embark on this voyage together.

web design and development

You've got the idea but now you need to market it. Let us help you show the world what you're doing. Increase your target audience with an amazingly looking website

hosting and support

You need someone to look over your data and system? Well, what a coincidence. Our people have been doing this for over a decade. They're not just good at it, they're the best in the market.

service desk

You've starting to get lots of IT queries and don't know how to manage them? We've got you covered. Our staff is ITIL certified and can help you either by managing your internal IT or by offering you the service altogether.

IT Management

Okay, you're begining to make noise in the business now. Time to get it over the line. We're certified experienced managers. Let us help you towards owning the market.


Last but not least, we can simply help you with some advice. Let us share your workload by offering some cost-friendly advice. After all, we're here to start a revolution.

Coming soon!

We're also actively building products of our own. If you want to get involved or just find out more, get in touch!


Our team has a proven record in terms of qualitative work. We aim for perfection and settle for perfection.


The Project Waffle concept was born from passion and it is our main perogative with each contract we commit to.


Our main responsibility towards our client, and ourselves, is to deliver the most efficient and unique solutions.

  • "Romania’s past has also helped develop its IT strength. The country was identified in the Soviet Union’s stratified economic plan as the eastern bloc country that was supposed to create the IT computers."

    Red Herring

  • "Romania, with just 20 million people, ranks in the top 10 globally in number of certified IT specialists — 95,000, about half of whom are software developers. And almost 90 percent of Romania’s IT professionals speak English. Romania’s Association of Software and IT Services expects to triple Romania’s IT workforce by 2020."

    The labor market research firm Brainspotting

  • "The country’s universities have been in the top three in the IEEE Design Competition every year since 2001. What’s more, the country has more Informatics and Math Olympiad medals than any other European nation, and was third globally after Russia and China."

    Brainspotting’s 2014 report

  • "Romania is one of the fastest growing economies in the EU and has consistently been one of the top performers over the last 20 years."

    The World Bank

  • "The country also routinely ranks high in terms of Internet speed. In high schools, entrepreneurship classes are now common."

    Junior Achievement Romania